Patchwork Pal

Cuddly and adorable patchwork dog. Very easy.
Finished size approximately 10 inches wide and 14 inches high.
Materials: Utopia Worsted or any worsted weight yarn;  Sizes 6 & 8 needles.
For blocks: 10 shades, approximately 40 yards each shade.
A,188 (red);  B, 61 (plum); C,155 (orange);
D, 146 (green); E, 125 (navy); F, 335 (yellow);
G, 278 (apple); H, 120 (turquoise); I, 002 (rose);
and J, 008 (blue).


Gusset: 80 yds. color E;
Eyes (make 2): about 10 yds black sport weight yarn.
Each letter in the diagram represents a block that is 8 sts wide and 12 rows high.
Make 2 bodies, following the diagram from the bottom right for one, and from the bottom left for the other.

Cast on 8 sts with A, and bringing B under A, cast on an additional 8 sts. with B.
As a separate piece, on same needle, cast on 8 sts with C, and bringing D under C, cast on an additional 8 sts. with D.
Work 12 rows in stockinette st, ending with a purl row.
Row 13: Change colors as in diagram, joining the two pieces with a center block of G.  The piece is now 5 blocks across (40 sts).
Work for 11 additional rows.
Change colors on rows 25 and on rows 37.
Row 49: With D, cast on 8 sts, work next two blocks as in diagram, bind off 16 sts, and as a separate piece, work next 8 sts in J.
Row 60: Bind off  the block worked in J.
Row 61: Work 3 blocks as in diagram.
Row 72: bind off last 16 sts.
Row 73: Work block in H.  Bind off.
Second side: reverse shaping, beginning at lower left.

Gusset: With color E, cast on 8 sts. Work in  stockinette st for about 66 inches or 312 rows.

Eyes:  With sport weight yarn, and size 6 needle,  cast on 4.  Work garter stitch throughout.
Work 2 rows, then inc 1 st each end every other row twice.  Total 8 sts.
Work 4 rows, then dec 1 st each end every other row twice.  Work 2 rows.  Bind off. Sew in the middle of block G on the face.

Sew each body to gusset, leaving an opening at the bottom so that Patchwork Pal can be stuffed.
Stuff lightly.
Options: work in pastel colors for your favorite nursery, or use 2 colors for a checkerboard pal.